About Us

It may be a little odd, but we like socks... A lot... We also love southern lifestyle brands. We searched everywhere and couldn't find any southern inspired socks. Right then, we decided to combine our two loves and start a sock company with a southern influence.  With bold and classic designs in mind, Odd Fellow Sock Co. was formed.

Why Odd Fellow?  We're glad you asked! Odd by definition means strange and unexpected. If your boring black, navy, and brown socks are what's normal, than we are more than happy to be "Odd." Our socks are meant to be seen and get noticed. Odd Fellow Socks also have a unique element not found in other socks: Southern Charm.

Odd Fellow's socks are designed in Nashville, TN. Our TN socks were our original concept, but we are soon adding socks with various southern inspirations. These socks are meant to be worn at the office, at the tailgate, and even your wedding day. 

These socks will:  Stand Out, Create Sock Envy, and Make You a Little Odd. You've been warned...